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A Quote from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit"a, Rabbinical Advisor of the Thriving Frum Mothers Project
Discover How to Get Rid of Stress and Live a Vibrant Life as a Frum Mother
  • Implement scientifically proven tools to build positivity into your day
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and feel vibrant and energized 
  • Be more focused to be able to tackle your day
  • Create a feeling of calm while also achieving
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Born in California, I never imagined that I would have the zchus to end up in Eretz Yisroel, creating an online program, and a community helping idealistic frum Jewish mothers from around the world live a better life. Hashem brought me here via Chicago and New York. I live in Yerushalayim married with four kids (under five!). I am a licensed senior therapist in a clinic servicing the anglo population in Yerushalayim.  I also run my own private practice where I am focused on women's health, specializing in anxiety and mood disorders. I use a holistic approach to help my individual clients achieve their goals by applying a balance of practical tools and skills, while also understanding the core challenges being faced on an individual level.

My husband Rabbi Yakov Pesah MD/PhD is my behind the scenes partner in this program.
It is my intention to help frum Jewish mothers like yourself to live a life that Torah truly envisions for you - full of meaning, joy, and purpose. Today's world is very busy and stressful distracting us from meaningful things that matters most - our Yiddishkeit, our family, and most importantly ourselves leaving us feeling inadequate. Using the tools that I have put together will help you stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and help you live an enjoyable life, because they will allow you to recapture your precious moments and discover how to live your minutes fully!
Elana Pesah, LMSW
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